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Pricing list:

Media Transfer


Recording project activities:

Film to video or DVD:
$0.10 per foot.
     Weddings and Receptions:
(Seattle Area Only) 
Video tape to DVD:
$15.00 per DVD. 
    Family gatherings, parties and celebrations:
$30.00 per hour 
(Seattle Area Only) 
Video tape Duplication:
$10.00 per tape 
    Family History videos or DVDs*
$.50 per photo
Music extra and narration extra. 
Video Editing:
· $30.00 per hour 
Audio tape duplication:
$4.00 per copy 
    DVD duplication
$8.00 per DVD
Audio tape to CD:
$4.00 per CD 
    Slides to CD
$0.20 each
Micro cassette to CD:
$4.00 per CD 
Negatives to CD
$0,40 per 4 photo strip

* Regarding family history videos or DVDs: All photos have to be numbered for proper placement.
Customer could provide music to be used and also numbered written narration to be added to each
numbered photo for an additional charge.


Cruz'n Video Production

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