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In addition to the Family Gatherings and Family History Photos services mentioned elsewhere on this page: 

  • Transfer 8mm or Super 8 mm films onto video tape or DVD! 
  • Turn video tapes into DVDs! 
  • Transfer audio tapes to CD's! 
  • Transfer data files to CDs or DVDs. 
  • Video projects, such as family history videos and etc. 
  • Video editing post production. Capture audio and video, edit and export it onto video tape or DVD! 
  • Edit and copy camcorder home tapes. 
  • Receive and record specified satellite feed onto video or DVD! (note that at the current time we cannot receive digital feed, but this will be remedied in the near future.) 
  • Duplicate previously recorded materials! ( No copyrighted material!) 


Family History Videos or DVDs:

  • follow someone's life from infancy to adulthood with photos (great for Mom, Dad, Grandparents birthday surprise.) (We must receive these at least 8 weeks prior to birthday).
  • follow family life...marriage, children, etc.
  • also in memory of someone who has died... their life in photos or any videos of them that you may have.
  • All pictures must be numbered in the order they are to be used.
  • Also any written narration must have corresponding numbers.
  • Music and narration optional at extra cost.

Cruz'n Video Production

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